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company profile
Henan Dayou Energy Co., Ltd. is a publicly held company owned by Yima Mining Group Co., Ltd. It grew out of Nanjing Xinwang Telecom Tech Co.,Ltd, which after undergoing major reorganization of assets in 2010, was renamed and relocated. The registered capital of the company reaches 833,649,963 Yuan, among which Yima Mining Group Co., Ltd. holds 706,182,963 shares, accounting for 84.71%.

Henan Dayou Energy Co., Ltd. has abundant mine reserves with all kinds of coals. It extends across Yima, Mianchi,Shanxian Countyunder the jurisdiction of the City OfSanmenxiaand Yiyang, Xin’an,MengjinCounty(City) under the jurisdiction ofLuoyangCity. The company has 11 production mines and 7 production auxiliary units, and more than 100,000 workers and their families. It produces high-qualitykennel coal, coking coal,meagre coal, cleaned coal, which are widely used in various industries, such as power generation, gasification, industrial boilers, coking, building materials, and widely sold in 20 regions likeHenan,Hubei,East China. 

Based on the requirements of the company’s development, Henan Dayou Energy Co., Ltd. will raise capital of more than 30 billion Yuan in the next 3-5 years through various forms of capital operation so as to bring along the investment of more than one hundred billion Yuan, make the company appreciate in value constantly and build a one-hundred-billion-level group. Thereby, it makes a greater contribution to the construction and the rise of the Central Plains Economic Zone, and toHenan’s revitalization.

Dayou is a passionate team who has been looking for responsible, enthusiastic and very pioneering team.We adhere to integrity-based, reasonable distribution of human resource, performance-oriented and growth sharing. Recruit able people without overstressing qualifications and make reasonable distribution of human resource. There is broad platform for talents.
Professional and position:
International and domestic investment, business, accounting, audit, financial, security,legal professional
Recruitment requirements:
1. health, age below 50 years old
2.primary staffs degree must be above  the full-time master.
salary between 50,000-500,000
Applicants data:
1. completed the application form, resuming
2.academic certificate, degree certificate,qualification certificate, id card and other effective certificate electronic scanning
3.we will inform after examination
Human Resource Department of Yimei Group, NO.6 , Qianqiu street, Yima city, Henan province
Cotact: Ping Fumin,     Li Fumin
Cotact number: 0398--5898127
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Adress: Yima city, Henan province Post code: 472300 E-mail:
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