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The Comprehensive Mechanical Equipment Procurement Announcement of
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  Date: July 3, 2013
   Tendering No.: ZYZB-01-2013H027

1.   Authorized by Henan Da You Energy Co.,Ltd. Sanmenxia Zhong Yi Tendering Co.,Ltd. will have a open tender for the procurement of coal mines’ comprehensive mechanical equipments, now it invites the qualified tenderer for participating the following tendering and submitting the sealed tendering document.

2.   Description of Goods: package 1.intelligent pumping system (1 set), package 2.drill jumbo turret(2 sets), specific details can be found in the tendering documet.

3.   It is an open tendering.

4.   Qualified tenderers who are willing to accept should provide relevant certifications and purchase the complete documents at 30,000 per package at Sanmenxia Zhong Yi Tendering Co.,Ltd., and the doucuments will not be returned after sale. The available date will be from July 4, 2013 to July 10, 2013. Note: All the relevant announcement and documents and so on should be attracted the tenderers attention at time and check the providing mailbox from the media and other tenders.

5.   Requirements of the Tenderers:

5.1Owning the independent legal qualifications and independent bearing of civil affairs

5.2The tenderer’s behavior should strictly abide by the laws of People’s Republic ofChinain this territory.

5.3       The tenderers should own the necessary explosion-proof, production license, and minding products’security sign and so on. If the tenderer is the agent or distributor, he must provide the sales authorization certificate of the manufacturer.

5.4       Having sound banking credit status, sufficient funds guarantee and good financial situation.

5.5The tenderers should establish after-sale serving institution inHenan, and have responses within one hour when the equipment breakdown, arriving at the scene within 8 hours.

5.6The tenderers should own the applying achievement of the equipments.

6.   The tendering documents should be submitted before the deadline and delivered to Rong Hua Jian Guo Hotel’s meeting room of Yima in Sanmenxia of Henan province, the documents will be rejected for being late.

7.   All of the tendering documents must be accompanied by tendering cash deposit that should be 10,000 in package one and 200,000 in package two. The cash deposit should be submitted in the form of telegraph or online bank transfer. Tenderer who fails to provide the tendering cash deposit will be rejected.


8.   The tendering deadline and the opening time will be at 9 a.m. on July 25, 2013 in the meeting room of Rong Hua Jian Guo Hotel. The tenderers can send the representatives to attend the opening ceremony.

9.   Announcement of Media: This announcement will be released on China Procurement and Tendering network and comprehensive network of Henan Tendering and Procurement.

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