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2017 base oxygen coal chemicals and derivative development BBS held on Yima city
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-01-05  Clicks926
On May 4 to 5, sponsored by the China petroleum and chemical industry federation, China petroleum and chemical industry federation of coal chemical industry professional committee and henan petroleum and chemical industry association, Yima Municipal Peoples Government and the Chinese chemical industry productivity promotion center to undertake 2017 base oxygen coal chemicals and derivative development of BBS at rongping jianguo hotel was held.
China petroleum and chemical industry federation President Li Shousheng, Chinese academy of engineering, tsinghua university professor enert ec, meng-fei wang, deputy secretary-general of the peoples government of henan province, the ministry of industry and raw materials division in petrochemical researcher hawkes, the national development and reform commission, industry coordination, deputy director of the department of petrochemical place Shao Ji, dean of sarft Gu Zongqin oil and chemical industry, China petroleum and chemical industry association deputy secretary-general hu Lin, sanmenxia city, changan, Yang Tong secretary of municipal party committee, mayor of righteousness horse Feng Yong, henan Wang Junxu energy chemical group deputy general manager, righteousness Wei Shiyi Li Shumin coal company general manager, deputy general manager, etc. More than 300 experts and scholars, industry associations and entrepreneurs representatives to attend the BBS.BBS opening ceremony presided over by hu moved Lin.
Li Shousheng in a speech from the perspective of professional development of modern coal chemical industry was analyzed, and pointed out the direction of modern coal chemical industry development, put forward the request.It is a scientific planning layout, intensive development.Second is to upgrade demonstrations, to promote industrial chain extension to the high-end.Three is coupling the all-round, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of industry.Four is to strengthen safe environmental protection, promote green low carbon development.He stressed that the coal-based oxygen chemicals in syngas as raw material, through a series of oxygenated compounds products of the catalytic process, its derivatives can do ene, aromatic hydrocarbons and other basic chemical raw materials and high value-added synthetic material.To constantly adjust and optimize the structure of products, market-oriented, in the production of marketable products, promote the healthy and orderly industry chain operation.
AnWei on behalf of sanmenxia city municipal party committee and municipal government for experts and scholars, a warm welcome to participate in BBS.He wants everyone to sanmenxia city work, especially the development of coal chemical industry to give more valuable opinions.At the same time, also sincerely invite all friends entrepreneurs to sanmenxia investment, and seek common development, hand in hand to build on the national level have important influence on billions of coal chemical industry cluster, the development of sanmenxia city transformation of resources city to a new level.
Yang Tong at the opening ceremony on behalf of righteousness city municipal party committee, municipal government delivered a speech.He said, in recent years, continued downward pressure to the citys economic construction, especially the development of coal chemical industry has brought great influence, be badly in need of upgrading of coal chemical industry, promote industrial chain from the front to the end, the value chain from low-end to high-end climbing.As an important coal chemical industry base, the province in terms of innovation and development, righteousness, is willing to first try, and try to actively, efforts for the coal chemical industry, especially coal base oxygen chemicals and derivatives industry innovation and development of the exploration practice, provide experience.
During the meeting, the Chinese academy of engineering, tsinghua university professor dean sarft Gu Zongqin enert ec, petroleum and chemical industry, China petroleum and chemical industry federation park working committee secretary general osseo-asare k. synthesis, nanjing university of technology professor jiang he coal, coal working group on ethanol, low carbon mixed alcohol group and other leaders and guests attending the meeting, coal-based oxygen chemicals and derivatives related technical, market and future development and coal chemical industry park development constructive opinions and Suggestions are put forward.Of righteousness coal company coal biochemical technology engineering co., LTD., general manager to admit Wan Xiao, coal to methanol protein technology and industry for the outlook, henan energy engineering technology research center director Cao Min coal gasification company of henan energy righteousness horse chemical industrial park industry development present situation are analyzed.
Conference, China petroleum and chemical industry federation righteousness city peoples government, oil and chemical industry association of henan province, nanjing university of technology, henan university of technology, coal companies formed a "coal biochemical intellectual property strategy alliance", held coal coal making ethanol and ethylene glycol two working signing ceremony.Among them, the Wei Shiyi righteousness coal company was represented by the coal glycol working group of the signing ceremony.
After the meeting, the delegates fieldwork righteousness horse coal chemical industry gathering area.
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