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Henan coal industry management office team came Shihao coal mine to inspect
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-01-13  Clicks531
May 10, henan coal industry management office team came Shihao coal mine to carry out the coal construction engineering inspection. The deputy general manager Wei Shiyi accompanied by inspection.
Inspection group were understood the geologicalhydrological conditions in Shihao coal mine. Then, check the components of the ground and underground two groups respectively to the mine engineering, civil engineering, installation engineering of three professional information and engineering entity quality checked.
Inspection group of the overall quality of the mine engineering entity to give the full affirmation, and check for the problem put forward detailed Suggestions for improvement.Asked the mine further inspection, improve the technical data, examination of the engineering information work, to do fine, clear, director of projects, and to inspect individual qualification of construction unit for the record, and provide guarantee for mine overall quality certification.
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