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YMCIG and Xinan county discuss together business cooperation
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-01-18  Clicks575
On May 11, the chairman of the board of directors of YMCIG Xie Shuxin, the general manager of Li Shumin and Xinan county party secretary Wang Yufeng, county magistrate Zhi Shuan led by the four group members, who held cordial talks in xinan coal mine, both sides can achieve win-win situation carried on the thorough exchange companies.
Xie Shuxin welcome the arrival of the Wang Yufeng and the four group members. Xie Shuxin said that 
YMCIG as provincial large state-owned enterprise, has a solid strength and a strong sense of responsibility, drive the local economic development.Especially in recent years, as one of the main producing mines xinan coal mine in xinan county and the county government support, the success of declared the national AAA level mining area, and got a lot of help in the mining area in hardware update.Xie Shu hope xinan will, as always, support the development of enterprises in the local, provides the high-quality service for the enterprise development, to create a good environment.Just coal company will play its unique advantages, and make greater contributions for local economic development.
Eddy said that for a long time, YMCIG and xinan coal company has established the good relations and deep friendship, in promoting the development of the enterprise at the same time, also led to local economic growth.In the future, xinan county and the county government will be one thousand ways to help solve difficulties and problems encountered in the development of enterprises, a specific measures, effective guarantee the safe production and sustainable development of the enterprise. At the same time, the new county will further enhance the close cooperation with YMCIG, service for local economic development, together to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.
The leadership of YMCIG Zhang Qingpeng, Deng Wenxing and He Zhiqiang and the main heads of Xinan attended the talks.
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