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Chen party and liu yinzhi went to yihai energy research
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-01-25  Clicks555
On May 19, henan province, deputy director of CPPCC economic committee (party,Chen Dangyi, general manager of energy Liu Yinzhi came Yihai energy,accompanied by Feng Shaoqing to guide YiHai energy. After listen to the work report of righteousness sea energy, Liu Yinzhi pointed out that since 2003, YiHai energy staff fully carry forward the spirit of "five", take root in hercynian, first-class, made outstanding contributions to the local economic development by the government of qinghai province. In 14 years, YiHai energy twice won the national May Day labor diploma, with practical action in the qinghai-tibet plateau was "henan energy" brand. Henan provincial party committee, provincial government and relevant departments, and the development of the group company is very concern YiHai energy, hope YiHai energy seriously implement the group company job requirements, continue to pay special attention to the safety in production, improve the national unity, for the local economic sustainable development and the group of companies "second startup, create brilliant" make a greater contribution.Liu Yinzhi a line to make coal mine, the cadres and workers visit in plateau and a cordial talk with them.Liu Yinzhi successively by QingHua backfill field, planting grass field view a bid and observation deck, detailed understanding of the first mining area coal reserves, mining process, grass green, and so on and so forth. (party Chen stressed that must complete mining succeed, strengthen safety in production, high-standard, presenting all kinds of accidents;In the current economy, must reduce consumption, improve efficiency;People-oriented, concern concern the life and production of coal mine workers;Take a long-term perspective, stretching the coal industry chain, build ten million tons of coal base.Party righteousness, Liu Yinzhi line of cadres and workers to make coal mine brought the fruit, mutton and other caffeine arts, and commanded the worker safety operation, good care of the body.
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