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Research group of national security information center came Dameigou mine to inspect
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-03-15  Clicks1596
On March 10, the national security of large coal ditch coal mine information center, a research group of national annual security and stability during the inspection.
Research group successively by scheduling command center, which to see the open pit and underground mining, and access to information and view the scene to the mine informationization, quality standardization and worker good spirit gave high evaluation.Investigators emphasized that to information platform for the gripper, further strengthen the safety management during the two sessions, perfect measures, manages concertedly, ensure the safety and security incidents, to stand at the height of political, completes the key link, the hidden perils in sensitive areas, key personnel, the formation of the main leaders personally stresses, in charge of the leadership concrete grasp, at every level, efforts at various levels to implement the work, layers of implementation and group manages concertedly thick atmosphere, Staff education and training should be highlighted well, strict process, do to refine, to strengthen and implement dynamic followed the two sessions, real-time access, to establish a good image of state-owned enterprises.
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