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Dong Zhengliang came to Yiluo coal mine to research and guidance
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-03-22  Clicks1601
On March 16, the chairman of the board of directors Dong Zhengliang came to Yiluo coal mine field research to guide the work.
In Yiluo coal mine scheduling conference rooms, Dong Zhengliang details about the company profile and production layout, and so on and so forth.Then Dong Zhengliang came into the righteous complex coal 36060 working face in detail on the scene view, the mine safety production, the roof management, "on the three prevention", mechanical and electrical transport, production equipment and leasing management, and other aspects of the work carried out research guidance.
Against the company the next step of work, Dong Zhengliang requirements that the first must strengthen safety management, in the detail management, enhance the security of transportation management, the best advantage; Second, we must strengthen roof management, according to the actual, optimizing the supporting plan, on the premise of security, reduce the production cost;Third, we need a solid production safety standardization work, continue to maintain the current good momentum of production, insist to pay special attention to the standardization of production safety work, and to further strengthen the standardized consciousness, through improve the level of standardization, promote the duration of the mine safety in production;Fourth, we need to pay special attention to the operation and management, promoting leasing management, to the management to benefit, highlight the management of each link, implement market benefit maximization.At the same time, to optimize personnel structure, improve labor efficiency, increase the profit of the enterprise, according to the related policy measures, lost baggage, traveling light, as righteousness coal winning turnaround battle to make new contributions.
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