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YMCIG hold the partys spirit of 19 major class
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-04-03  Clicks1600
For the implementation of Xi jinping at the 19th session of the central political bureau collective learning for the first time request, make the spirit become the partys 19 powerful ideological weapon to promote the party and national undertaking development, the partys 19 big meeting put forward to implement the objectives of the task, March 27, accordance with the unified arrangement of energy and coal company party committee party committee of henan deployment, the YMCIG partys 19th opened big mental training, who is expected to use two months time, devided into 5 ore place class above the party member the leading cadre of the staff of the company on the 19th big mental training in rotation.Righteousness coal company, vice secretary of party committee, trade union chairman Li Zongqing to attend the opening ceremony.On the morning of the provincial party committee party school, henan chun-tao ye professors were invited to a "firm comprehensive governing party,constantly improve the level of the partys governing capability and leadership" special report.Chun-tao ye respectively from the "revolution" and "achievements" from several aspects, such as "historical position" new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics to xi jinping made a detail analysis on thought.Report clear theme, rich in content, language, vivid and detailed data, and a typical case, both the historical review, analysis, reality has a strong ideological content, targeted and guidance class members have said.Li Zongqing pointed out that the publicity and implement the partys 19 big spirit is a period of the first political task in the present and the future, holding the training course is to study and implement the partys specific action of 19 large spirit, is the important measures to comprehensively strengthen the cadre team construction, the urgent needs of the task is to achieve business goals throughout the year.The party and the masses of party members and cadres at various levels shall practically in accordance with the party committee to deploy, continue to intensify the publicity and carry out work, improve the ideological understanding, improve the quality and ability, real learning to know, have a good grasp of, do solid work, coagulation hearts meet force, bear in mind that the mission, with new results, new atmosphere, new as open enterprise steady development of the new situation.
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