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The YMCCs 11 workers won a number of honors of Yima city
fromDaYou energy  authoradmin  Release time2018-05-03  Clicks1650
Reporters from the Yima city of the 10th "moral model", "YIma good man", the first "civilized family" recognition and volunteer service focused activity launch ceremony, YMCC won a total of 11 workers.
Among them, the moral model Li Zhiying of yuejin coal mine in due diligence, dedication. the qianqiu coals heroic Li Huaichun, the gengcun coal mines helpful moral models Wei Nianfang and three worker won the moral models,
the Guo rumei of YMCC hospital was awarded the honorary title of "the good man beside the righteous horse", Tianxin coal mines Chen Yufeng, Changcun coal mines He Yonghua, the train transportation ofiices Li Chongyang, Yongxiang industrial and trading companys Wang Feihong,Yuejin coal mines Wang Xinchao, Zhang Junqing and Li aiqin and other 7 familys won the honorary title of "civilized family". It is reported that the person who gets the moral model will enjoy a reward of 1,000 yuan per year for the rest of his life.
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